Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why Religious Liberty Arguments Don't Work

In other words, a culture that doesn't care about religion won't defend freedom of religion.

Another salient point:

Our fellow citizens have absorbed and are committed to a particular view about the meaning of human sexuality and its place in our lives. Millions of people have ordered their lives around these beliefs. They are not going to give up those views, in the absence of an attractive alternative.

I was musing about this out loud on my newsfeed.

Have you ever noticed that chastity is only preached to people under 25, as if middle-aged adults were extempt?

People say contraception is a problem. That is true. But contraception is accepted, among many reasons, because chastity is generally rejected in the adult population.

If teens don't see middle aged people being chaste, it's normal that they don't take it seriously, either.