Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hey! Hey! LBJ! How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?

Rich Lowry:

When the Weathermen were setting off bombs in the early 1970s, no one said to stop criticizing the Vietnam War. When the Black Panthers were shooting it out with cops, no one said to stop advocating for black rights.
The pro-life movement is overwhelmingly peaceful and prayerful, and seeks a more just society where all are welcomed into life. Robert Dear, who wantonly took three lives and wounded nine others, is the antithesis of all that it stands for. Neither his atrocity nor the smears of the left should hinder its work. The debate over abortion will — and must — go on.

If there's any violence  in the pro-life discourse, it's in the description of what abortion does: abortion kills a human being. It's as plain as that. The language isn't a reflection of pro-lifers. It's a reflection of what abortion does. Just like discussing the Vietnam war was bound to bring up the fact that children and youths were killed, too.

We will not stop until the killing of unborn babies stops.

And note, there was far more terrorism done in the name of leftist causes than in the name of ending abortion, However, nobody presumed that all left-wingers were violent, or that even a significant minority were.