Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Pro-Abortion Movement in a Nutshell

Jonathon van Maren:

Regardless of innumerable stories of born-alive infants being killed after birth and a cadre of Kermits committing the deeds, abortion activists like Fern Hill, Joyce Arthur, and others happily look away—unless they can find some way to blame pro-lifers for the killing of infants that should have been aborted a few hours earlier, in the womb.

If a child -- born or unborn-- has to die in the name of female autonomy, so what?

How DARE you care about the unborn? How DARE you highlight all the killing in abortion clinics? How DARE you make people mad with literal descriptions of what abortionists do? HOW DARE YOU?

We are beyond criticism.

That's the pro-abortion movement in a nutshell.