Thursday, July 30, 2015

RU-486 Approved in Canada

Babies like these risk being killed by RU486

Very bad news. This could increase the number of abortion providers because you don't need a to be a surgeon to commit the abortion. The danger, though, is that complications can occur and women need access to a surgical abortionist to extract retained tissue, which occurs in something like 5% of cases. You just know that women in the furthest reaches of rural Canada are going to be prescribed this drug and then will need to get to a surgical abortionist. And they won't be able to. This could lead to calls for more surgical abortionists. I see this could also lead to more abortions. Doctors might recoil at the prospect of piecing together a dismembered fetus after a surgical abortion, thus preventing their entry into the abortion industry, but they might be perfectly fine with issuing a prescription and having the mother deal with the "products of conception."

And what might that look like? I blogged one feminist's traumatic experience with it:

I didn’t realize the horrible truth of that statement until I lay awake at night in fits of unbearable pain, bleeding through sanitary napkins by the hour. When I was in the bathroom one night, clumps of bloody tissue and embryonic remains fell into the toilet. I was overcome with tremors, my body shaking with a burst of heat resembling fever. My cheeks flushed as sweat bled into my hairline. Dragging my feet on the cold alabaster floor, I went back to bed and hid under the covers. Eyes open and bloodshot, knees to my chest, I felt tears sting my swollen cheeks. After hours of pure exhaustion, I finally fell asleep.
Returning to the clinic several days later for a scheduled follow-up, I learned that the gestational sac was still intact. I was given another dose of Mifeprex and Misoprostol. That night, I stared in horror as a clump of tissue the size of a baseball escaped from my body. I held this bloody mass in my hand, feeling the watery red liquid drip from my fingers. The tissue was soft and pliable. Poking at the flesh, I imagined the life that it embodied. The sac looked like a bleeding pig’s heart. For several months after, I was unable to look at blood without vomiting.

One Australian feminist complained RU-486 is not safe.

The approval of RU486 opens up the possibility that it will be improperly administered, as in this case. But of course, self-abortion is not a crime in Canada, so no worries!

The silver lining is that Ru486 abortions can be reversed if caught in time.

And as more women have chemical abortions, they will know the truth: that abortion kills a human being.